Aaron  /  Oregon

“Right now the culture is very polarized, and I don’t think Trump can win the national election.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, I’m Aaron I live outside of Portland, Oregon, and I did vote for Donald Trump in 2020.

“I voted for Donald Trump in 2020 because I didn’t like the way that the left and the media was being hypocritical about the whole situation, and I did like a lot of policies that he implemented.

“I would like to see the Republican party move on from Trump because they are, right now, the culture is very polarized.

“And I don’t think Trump can win the national election. I do think that Trump can. When the nomination, I don’t think that’s the issue. I think the issue is that he will not be able to win the national election and it will cost us another four years. 35% of the Republicans will vote Republican. 35%, 30, 35% Democrats will vote Democrat, but there’s that big group of independents there and moderates.

“And I do not think that Trump will garnish the independent or moderate vote. And it’s the independents and moderates that do win elections. When the primary does come to Oregon State, I will not vote for Trump in the primary.”