Alexei  /  District of Columbia

“I’m not going to support President Trump for nomination.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Alexei. I am from Washington, DC. I voted for Trump in 2020 and I skipped voting in 2000- in 2016, there were some things which I like about him. I liked several of his foreign policy initiatives, mainly the Middle East initiative. So there were definitely positive things he did, but he always kept me nervous because I never knew what he’s going to do next.

“They want. President Trump to become a nominee for Republican party because he would be the easiest one to beat for otherwise hopeless candidate, President Biden. There are so many people who dislike him, including people who used to regularly vote for Republican Party are going to vote for anybody but Trump in this presidential elections, in the upcoming presidential elections, that it could save President Biden’s skin.

“I believe that there are many talented and potential candidates who could not exactly repeat Ronald Reagan’s experience, but, who could be as efficient as he was during his two terms. Switch to the Original core Republican values, which is basically less government and less taxes. I’m definitely positive that there are other people who could be as talented and as promising and bring all those values in the primary.

“Definitely. I’m not going to support president candidate Trump for a Republican nomination. I will do whatever I can do. I will try to prevent this from happening because this would be a gift to the enemy camp.”