Chris  /  Kentucky

I believe Donald Trump carries too much baggage – both personally, politically, and even amongst his own business dealings”

Video Transcript

“Hi, I’m Chris. I’m from Kentucky. I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020. I will not be voting for Trump in 2024.

“I do not think that Donald Trump will win a 2024 election if he succeeds in the primaries. My primary belief for that is that any vote for independents to stay away from Trump would be a vote for the Democrats.

“One of the positive things that I enjoyed about Donald Trump’s presidency was how he managed the Supreme Court nominations and how we were able to get the Supreme Court to a more favorable position for the future of my children.

“Unfortunately, I was quite displeased with some negative things about his administration. First of all, this flouting the rules. We have law in this country to keep order and to sustain a favorable society. And repeatedly seeing him violate laws and rules has broken my heart because the President should never be in that situation.

“I cannot have a president who is willing to violate the laws and make excuses and justify his inappropriate behavior and the way he speaks to people and about people with great disrespect, to set an example for my children, my grandchildren, and even adults who are older than him and the same age as him. We cannot have this and expect our society to thrive and remain vibrant. I believe Donald Trump carries too much baggage, both personally, politically, and even with his own business dealings, to be able to carry a clean campaign in 2024. Baggage is what distracts from the real issues that need to be debated and solved for this nation’s future.”