Christopher  /  New York

“He is so hated, we’d probably have a repeat of 2020.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Christopher Phillips. I am from Brooklyn, New York, and I voted for Donald Trump in both 2016 and in 2020. We need a president who I think is younger and one who is not so divisive.

“If Donald Trump were to win the GOP nomination, I honestly think that he would lose to whoever the Democrat candidate is, he is so hated, we’d probably have a repeat of 2020, Donald Trump being that he, that so many people hate him. If you look at what happened during the midterms, all of Donald Trump backed candidates lost except one. So Donald Trump should have got the lesson right then, you know, Republicans should have won the Senate and the House.

“We should have mopped the floor with Democrats and didn’t, and so we cannot afford to lose, in my opinion, we cannot lose the 2024 election. We have to have a Republican in the White House.”