Darby  /  Iowa

“The investigations are going to hinder him, especially amongst the independent swing voters”

Video Transcript

“I’m Darby. I’m from Bernard, Iowa. And I voted for Trump in 2020. I do not plan to caucus for Trump in the Iowa caucus. Mostly because I do not support a man who seems to continue to get into a bunch of legal battles. I’m just not in favor of someone who may have ended up being charged with a crime that makes him ineligible to hold the office of the presidency.

“I do think the investigations are going to hinder him, especially amongst the independent swing voters or voters who may be looking for a candidate other than president Joe Biden. I would like to see the Republican party try to find a candidate who can win those voters back. I do think that we need to get behind a candidate who is winnable.

“I think there’s sadly enough Republicans out there who will support Trump till the day he dies. And I think that’s just dangerous for the party going forward. I think the party could really push ahead 2024 without Trump and just distance themselves from the legal battles that he has put himself in.

“It absolutely matters who is winnable, who’s electable, especially in 2024 against Joe Biden or whoever gets the Democratic nominee. I just think that having two candidates over the age of 80 is just not a good look, or presumably, will be 80 if he were to win. I just think it’s unfortunate that there’s enough, there’s many Republicans who still get behind Trump.

“Despite his, his lack of support overall, if we do go into the general election with Donald Trump, I think we’re handing it to the Democrats no matter the candidate, I would like to see someone who does get behind the Donald Trump-era policies without the legal trouble.

“I do tend to support Ron DeSantis, or Nikki Haley.”