Doug  /  Iowa

“I think we need a candidate that has a lot less baggage and distractions to present to the American people”

Video Transcript

“Hello, my name is Doug and I voted and supported Donald Trump in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. Why do I not want to support Trump in the current primary? It boils down to the activities that he took place during his presidency, the tweeting, the name calling, the investigations, I think created a lot of baggage and created a lot of divisiveness.

“And the way that his presidency ended caused me to sit back and reflect and say, I’m not sure that’s very presidential moving forward. I think we need to have a candidate that has a lot less baggage and distractions to present to the American people. I think that he constantly brings up that the election was stolen from him, that these lawsuits are all witch hunts.

“Rather than presenting a plan for the American people to consider moving forward, I do not think that Trump could beat the Democratic nominee in 2024. I think there’s too much baggage. I think the American people are tired of the rhetoric that is presented by him. The tweeting, the name calling, every day there’s something in the news about him.

“They’re investigating him for this or investigating him for that. This lawsuit is being dropped. This investigation is being dropped. There’s been a recent court case which found him liable for something in a civil suit. Again, back to being presidential, being a candidate that doesn’t carry all that other baggage so that we can focus on the issues that the American people are concerned about.

“I think we need a candidate that can appeal to all the American people, not only Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and Democrats. We need a candidate that can communicate to all of them, and pull those voters together with a good message and the ability to lead the country without all the other distractions.

“It’s just time to put all that behind us and get a candidate that, one, can unite the American people to win the election and help us win the Congress back over to the Republican side so that we can do great things for the country.”