Garry  /  Florida

“The country will be more divided with Donald Trump as President.”

Video Transcript

“I’m Garry, I’m from Florida and I voted for Donald Trump in both 2016 and 2020. I don’t believe Donald Trump can win the election in 2024. You’ve got your independents, 10 to 15% depending on who you listen to, what expert you listen to, and those independents will vote for who they feel is the best candidate and who’s going to make America better than what it is today.

“They’re not going to vote for Donald Trump, he’s alienated them. In my opinion, it’s those independents that are going to drive the election and will make a difference in this particular election. Republicans need another candidate other than Donald Trump. They need someone, who can bring about similar policies to Trump.

“Trump can’t win and we could be in for another four years of democratic leadership. And again, in my opinion, we just can’t stand another four years, the same as we’ve had the past four years. I do believe the country will be more divided with Donald Trump as president, even more divided than it was the last time he was president.

“So many of the things that he does and says are divisive. They get other people, the general population, aggravated and upset. We need someone who can come in and calm all of that down. Someone who can come in and people will trust someone who people will respect to run the country and to bring the Congress together to move us forward in a positive direction.”