Glenn  /  California

“He’s an embarrassment, and should not be representing us as the leader of the United States.”

Video Transcript

“Hi I’m Glenn. I live in California and I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020.

“I do not plan on supporting Donald Trump in the ’24 primary elections. Quite frankly, I supported him in 2016 because I thought he was a breath of fresh air to introduce some fresh thinking into pretty stale, inside the ropes, political leadership on both sides in Washington.

“A lot of his personality flaws really came to the surface. So his bullying, his childlike behavior, his tweeting, his name calling – he became a president that I couldn’t be proud of. Where we are now, his behavior has continued to deteriorate from my perspective.

“He’s essentially an embarrassment and should not be representing us as the leader of the United States. So he really does not deserve our vote or our support, and he needs to get off the stage.

“We’ve got young, vibrant, intelligent people that can step into this role, that have demonstrated success as governors or in other capacities. And I’m just throwing out some names, you know, DeSantis, Pompeo, there’s probably others.

“Donald Trump would lose to Joe Biden in a general election.

“If he were to be elected president, it would be another four years of him yelling at the press, of him engaging in childlike behavior on Twitter, of exhibiting behavior that we as Americans would not be proud of to have our president doing.”