Grant  /  Missouri

“Biden will have the ability to beat him”

Video Transcript

“My name is Grant and I live in the wonderful state of Missouri, and I did vote for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. Well, first of all, what Trump did that I like in his presidency was that he did what he said he was going to do. He started trying to drain the swamp, if you will. He did a lot of things for that.

“He corrected a lot of problems that were going on. He helped the economy tremendously. We had a very good economy under him, various things like that. He did what he promised him and he’s kind of made some tweets that I don’t agree with, attacking other people when really what he needs to be doing is saying what he’s going to do.

“But I have a feeling that if he wins the nomination, he is going to not get elected in the general because, unfortunately, I think Biden will have the ability to beat him because of the things he’s done or not done if you will. What the Republican party, the candidate that the Republican party should choose is somebody that is one young, very on fire for our world and our government and our people.”