Jeff  /  Oregon

“If you vote for Donald Trump in the Primary, you are wasting your vote in the General Election”

Video Transcript

“Hey, I’m Jeff. I’m from Oregon. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, but it is time for a change and we need to vote differently come this fall. If you vote for Donald Trump in the primary, you are wasting your vote. In the general election, if you vote for Donald Trump in the primary, you are reelecting president Joe Biden.

“And if you want to change, you have to change now. You have to make the change in the primary election so that we can make a change in the general election. I don’t want to bash Donald Trump, any more than he already deserves and what he’s getting in the media and from the Democrats. They are clearly after him.

“But he set himself up. And one of the things that we as Americans need to do to heal is to actually thank Donald Trump for his service to our nation, for the things that he stood for that were solid, although his character and his behavior is unsettling, ultimately, he did aim to make a change that is necessary.

“He is just not the agent. I believe that the Democrat Party applauds President Trump’s candidacy. He is easily defeatable because his character is so fraught and so apparent. His criminal mind, his criminal behavior, his Anti government, anti order, although he would claim that he is a president who is all for law and order, he himself is lawless, as is apparent by criminal charges and all the things that are coming up against him.

“I believe that the Democrat party loves the fact that Donald Trump would be their candidate because he’s easily defeatable.”