Jim  /  South Carolina

“I don’t think Donald Trump has a chance of winning the election in 2024.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Jim Richael. I live in Bluffton, South Carolina. I voted for Donald Trump in the last two elections. I do not intend to support Trump this year. I think he’s definitely fallen out of touch with what America needs. I voted for Donald Trump, in his first election because I thought he was more in touch with what we were looking for as a conservative party.

“And I think that he did a lot of great things for the country while he was president. Unfortunately I did vote for him in the second election, but I don’t think that what he’s done since has been good for the country. I don’t think Donald Trump has a chance at winning the election in 2024. I think the GOP needs to find a candidate that’s more in touch with the American population and with the citizens of the United States.

“We need somebody who could balance a budget, who really, he’s looking at the country as a whole, who has good international relations. Someone who looks out for the United States, not for the good of another country. Donald Trump has way too much baggage in my opinion. He’s got too much going on, too much negativity about him, for the American population to follow him.

“I think if he truly believed in the Republican Party and the United States of America, he would bow out at this point and let the party do what’s best for the party and not Donald Trump.”