Jim  /  Ohio

“He did a wonderful job, but that time’s gone. He’s badly injured.”

Video Transcript

“My name’s Jim McGregor. I’m from Ohio and voted for president Trump in his first election and he did a wonderful job, but that time’s gone, he’s badly injured. I don’t believe he’s electable. Thank heavens as Republicans, we have a deep bench of wonderful candidates, strong people ready to step forward and we need to embrace them and honor our past president as he retires from the scene.

“I think the president carries a lot of baggage, his verbose style had advantages at certain points, but not in this re-election campaign. In this re-election campaign, it’s an iron chain around his legs. I don’t believe he’s electable because of that.

“President Trump, when he first ran, was an excellent candidate, he had the business background to take on the presidency. He was bright and new and bold, good policies, and I was very glad to vote for him in that first election. In this election, I think that mantle falls upon our deep bench of wonderful candidates that we have in the Republican Party.”