Kurt  /  New York

“As long as the party supports Trump, we’re gonna continue to lose elections.”

Video Transcript

“My name’s Kurt Hoover. I’m from upstate New York. I have voted for Donald Trump twice, and I am a Republican. In 2016, I supported Donald Trump mainly because I thought he was going to be the solution to what I saw as government corruption, and a system that worked against the common man, system that worked against the poor, a system that worked against the jobless.

“Folks like me from the Ohio Valley and upstate New York and the Rust Belt. I thought that Donald Trump was going to bring us jobs and a sense of pride back to our communities. Similarly in, in 2020, I thought that what we were seeing, what he had been promising was something that we could expect, and I, at that point, didn’t understand what he actually represented.

“The things that he actually cared about Donald Trump can’t be a Democrat in 2024, and it’s mainly because he’s alienated so many different people. He’s alienated swing voters. He’s alienated people in his own party. He doesn’t seem interested in building bridges and creating a cooperative environment he’s interested in and making it his way or the highway.

“And that’s not any way to run a country or to function in a government setting. I think that as long as the party supports Trump. We’re going to continue to lose elections. We’re going to continue to lose voters. We’re going to continue to lose the younger generations who don’t want to be anywhere near a party that supports Trump the way the Republicans have the last two decades, the last decade.

“I think that Donald Trump, and any candidate that he endorses, is so backwards in the, in how they think and how they see the future of this country, that they will drive the Republican party to irrelevance and it will become a footnote in the pages of history instead of a real considerable option for young people and for future generations in terms of how our country is run and the way that the American dream is perpetuated.

“In 2024, I will not vote for Donald Trump.”