Michael  /  Pennsylvania

“Former President Donald Trump has too much baggage… it’s so toxic.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Michael, hello, I am here in Pennsylvania. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and in 2020.

“Donald Trump ran for president, campaigned for the presidency the first time around with the general welfare and benefit of the nation, internally and externally, uppermost in mind. That’s not the case the second time around. I believe he’s campaigning for the presidency here again more so for himself now. This is about him, not for the cause of the country as it was before.

“So not only is he not electable because he would be distracting from the solutions, from the message, from the results, but even if somehow he were to be reelected, very little could get done because again, everything that he’s doing and saying is generally for himself this second time around. It wasn’t the first time around, but it is now.

“Former President Donald Trump has too much baggage and it’s unfortunately, again, it’s, it’s of a personal nature.

“There’s just so much of it and it’s so toxic that it would prevent anything from getting done. And if anything did get done, it would prevent it from being reported and supported.

“It’s gotta be somebody else, somebody somewhat less personally toxic and more mature and more professional.

“We don’t need more Donald Trumps. I mean, it’s time to move on and bring some younger ideas, some more exciting innovative solutions.”