Mick  /  Washington

“We are tired of fighting each other, and President Trump is just gonna keep that happening”

Video Transcript

“I’m Mick from Washington State. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. In 2024, I’m not gonna vote for him in the primary. I’m looking forward for the Republican party to move on.

“I see most of the other candidates against President Biden winning. I do not see President Trump winning the next election. He just has too many negatives. People don’t trust him; the population doesn’t trust him.

“He has core believers in him, the rest of the country just is not wanting to go that way again. They’re done. This country really does want to unite; I feel that. President Biden got elected doing that; he hasn’t done it, but this country does want to unite. We’re tired of fighting with each other, and President Trump is just going to keep that happening.

“If we keep going the way we’re going, we’re gonna have Democrats running this nation. And as a Republican, I don’t want that.

“Donald Trump has a charisma that it’s hard to understand, but I just wish he’d step down for the good of the country and let the Republicans get back to work.

“We know that the media is still a little to the left and the political compass. It’s hard for Republicans to get elected. The issue is we have to let someone that isn’t as abusive– Donald Trump is abusive to people in his own party if they don’t agree with him. We gotta get back to debating on the issues, not on the person. Donald Trump insulted people’s looks. He’s insulted women’s looks. He’s insulted the family of people that he was running against.”