Patrick  /  South Carolina

“I definitely will not vote for President Trump in the primary.”

Video Transcript

“I’m Patrick, I live in South Carolina, and I voted for President Trump in 2016 and again in 2020.

“I thought that we needed strong leadership coming off of the Obama years, and Donald Trump would provide that that type of leadership. What we ended up getting was strong programs, strong policies, but I think the the essence of leadership was missing.

“If President Trump gets the nomination, my biggest fear is that he will lose the general election. I think there’s just too much baggage there from his first term, and it got even worse after he lost in 2020. He continues to look in the rearview mirror instead of looking out of the windshield and I think the American people are just about fed up with that reverse look and want someone who can look ahead and inspire them that our best days are coming.

“I think what we need in 2024 is a nominee who has strong policies, strong programs like president Trump had. But I think someone who has a style that gets more things done and creates less of a division in the country. I think president Trump is too much of a polarizing figure to get anything done.

“Especially with a Democrat controlled Senate. I just think we need somebody who can negotiate and compromise in such a way that neither party gets screwed. I think presidents get elected by independent voters and they don’t want someone with all the negatives that President Trump is carrying right now and likely to have more by the time we get to the election season.

“I definitely will not vote for president Trump in the primary.”