Richard  /  Virginia

“Donald Trump does have an electability issue.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Richard. In 2020, I not only voted for, but I also volunteered for Donald Trump. He kept his promises, right? And that’s exactly what he said in doing a campaign that he would appoint conservative judges. And he did. I’m not supporting Trump this time because the campaign will be too hectic, too confusing.

“Let’s get a candidate in the GOP that is conservative and likable, and can get independents, moderate democrats, and can unite the party. to be a candidate. Donald Trump does have an electability issue in 2020, he did not get a majority of the independence. He splits the Republican Party and, of course, the Democrats are united against him, all right?

“Even those Democrats that support conservative ideas don’t support Donald Trump. What I’m looking for is like a Ron DeSantis, conservative, has a young family, he is well spoken, certainly has the educational background, he’s been in Congress, and now he’s doing a fantastic job as governor. He can unite the party.

“He can appeal to independents. And that was shown in the last election in what they did in Florida.”