Sandy  /  Utah

“I feel that we are a losing party now.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, I’m Sandy from Utah. I am a devoted Republican. I love the conservative Republican values, and I did vote for Donald Trump in 2016 and in 2020, but I feel that our party is not the party that I recognized anymore, not the party of Faith and family and party. Oh, and I feel that we’re a losing party now in 2022, when we should have won, it should have been the red wave that everybody was expecting because our country is in a mess, but we didn’t.

“And I believe there is one reason there’s been an emotional climate change in our country. Our country is meaner, is angrier, that we are more divided. We are more uncivil. We’re more open to lying and making up incredible conspiracy and other wild theories that we don’t adhere to. Honesty, that we are not lying to one another.

“We’re more likely to bully one another online and then the public discourse. And I believe that’s because of the example or lack of example of the man in the White House who was in the White House for four years. I think the Republican Party in 2024 needs a winner. Number one, we’ve been losing for too many elections and we will never succeed if our house is divided and our house is divided.

“And I’m aware of one very winning Republican candidate who was able to bring together two opposing parties and was able to make a consistent and sane and practical policy that has made his state so strong and so winning and a personality that can inspire our people and not degrade us. So, I know who I’d be going to vote for to lead our party in 2024 and it won’t be somebody who serves in his own ego.

“It’ll be somebody who serves the people.”