Steve  /  Washington

“Donald Trump has definitely alienated himself…all his current legal problems, he’s just simply not electable at this point”

Video Transcript

“So my name is Steve from Washington and I voted in the last election and I’d like to see somebody else other than Donald Trump run for president next go around the Republican Party needs somebody else that better represent the Republican. So I voted for Donald Trump in the past simply because he was a man that could get things done.

“He was able to get things done, but unfortunately in his term of office, his office was so polarizing that some of the things he wanted to get done, couldn’t get done. By the time he got to the end of his office, things weren’t getting done the way they could have been done. And so Donald Trump has definitely alienated himself.

“You look at the January 6th debacle, you look at all his current legal problems, he’s just simply not electable at this point. There’s so much baggage there with Donald Trump that it’s time to look at another candidate for the Republican Party. I’d like somebody that can work with both sides of the aisle that’s not so extreme, but they can join, I would say bring the party together in a way that puts a Republican back in the President’s office.

“So I’d like to see a candidate coming out of the primaries that’s fiscally responsible, that has common sense, that has core values that align with my own. I’d like to find somebody that really is able to bring us together as a party. Somebody that we can be proud of, somebody that really brings not just the Republicans together, but somebody that any party, any independent, moderate, any side of the spectrum there would be proud to have the president be their president.

“Certainly get through the primaries, we want to vote for the Republican, but we would hope that once we get through the primaries, we have a candidate that anybody would want. I think we have a lot of candidates in the Republican party that represent us well in the presidential election. I think there’s a lot of candidates right now out there that would be extremely great candidates.”