Steve  /  Iowa

“The Republican Party needs to refocus itself dramatically”

Video Transcript

“My name is Steve. I live in Waukee, Iowa, and I voted for Trump in both elections. Former President Trump, at this point, has an electability problem. He is drawing a lot of support because of the persecution from the DOJ, some of which may be warranted. I think that Trump’s ideas for the future are good, the things that he has done in the past were the future when he was elected president.

“So, you know, you have to take that into context. I don’t know that he’s the right messenger to continue his policies at this point. I really like Nikki Haley. I think that’s a fresh face and a fresh attitude towards government. I’ve been impressed by the jobs that she has done in the positions that she’s held in the past, because I’m not sure that if Biden remains.

“The nominee for the Democratic party that we can beat him again. We, the Republican party needs to refocus itself dramatically over this election season and get back to the kitchen table issues that affect 99% of us.”