Steve  /  Arkansas

“Trump will not be able to beat Biden.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Steve, I live in Arkansas, and I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020.

“What I liked about the Trump presidency was the energy, the potential for change that it offered. And I saw that as a possibility to actually bring about something positive.

“I don’t want Trump to be the nominee in 2024 because the energy that I saw as a positive thing originally turned out to be very brash negative, uncivil way to get things done and indeed it didn’t get the things done that, that were promised.

“Certainly not in a way that, I was proud of.

“The candidate I’ve hoped for in 2024. I want to see someone that I can trust. I want to see someone that can act with some level of decorum and to seek political change in our country in a more civil, dignified way.

“I would like to see the candidate I support support our interaction with other countries based upon known truths, not upon emotional extremes.

“I think that Trump will not be able to beat Biden because our nation has seen the way he approaches bringing about change.

“I believe our country deserves a leader that leads based on confidence, not upon fear. Based upon the truth and not hyperbola. We need to bring about, indeed, we will only bring about positive change for our country and our families and those that follow us if we have someone that leads based upon factual truth, not upon, the hyperbole of emotion.”