Tim  /  Pennsylvania

“We need a forward-thinking Republican candidate in order to win 2024.”

Video Transcript

“I’m Tim Wetzel, Republican from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I voted for Trump in both of the elections.

“I think most Republicans want to get out of the Trump based politics and more towards, you know, moderate or a centralist type of Republican values.

“And unfortunately, I don’t think Donald J. Trump has any of those. I think Trump lives in the past, and we need a forward thinking Republican candidate in order to win 2024. There’s no doubt. And unfortunately that is definitely not Donald J. Trump. There has to be a stopping point, I think for Donald Trump to run for another presidency.

“I think after four years of him, the country has, in my opinion, fallen by the wayside.

“I am absolutely not going to support Donald Trump in any way, shape or form in the Republican primary.”