Tom  /  Pennsylvania

“Trump has to be stopped in the primary.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, my name is Tom Pendergast. I’m from Brackenridge, Pennsylvania. I voted for Donald Trump both times in the two elections. I think he will absolutely not win a third crack at this. And there are other candidates out there that should be able to do that if we give them a chance. He had the country.

“He had Congress for a couple of years and he wasted it. He didn’t do anything with it, so Trump has to be stopped in the primary. If he gets in up against Joe Biden, he’s gonna lose. I think Trump has sent much of his base running away like I am. He has a huge problem with being able to get elected this time.

“No matter how much he protests it, he still lost the last election. More people will rally to Biden and run away from him because they don’t want him in there, Trump. It’s just hanging on to too much of the past and has too much of a reputation. He’s still going to alienate a lot of people.

“We need somebody that can use their power and take advantage of what they have with any kind of congressional edge and get things done in the country. Somebody needs to come along that can rule and get some progress done.”