"I don't think Donald Trump would stand a chance right now, running against Joe Biden.”
These are Trump voters. They supported him and his policies. But now, they’re ready for new leadership without all the baggage. Watch them explain in their own words why they’re ready for a new GOP nominee.

Trump Voter Testimonials

Hear why these Trump voters say they’re ready to support a new leader of the Republican Party.

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Image of Fran
"Having Republicans back in the White House is far more important than getting retribution for all that has happened to Donald Trump."
Image of Jerrold
"All that baggage is going to discourage voters."
Image of Dave
"Joe Biden would like to have Donald Trump as the Republican nominee."
Image of Jim
"He did a wonderful job, but that time's gone. He's badly injured."
Image of Clay
"I'm afraid that ... he is just not going to get the independents that we need to win."
Image of Doug
"I think we need a candidate that has a lot less baggage and distractions to present to the American people"
Image of Grant
"Biden will have the ability to beat him"
Image of Jeff
"If you vote for Donald Trump in the Primary, you are wasting your vote in the General Election"
Image of Dave
"We need a unifier, and I don't think that Donald Trump has the personality, he certainly has the skills, but I don't think his personality would unite either the party or the country."
Image of John
"I think Donald Trump cannot win at the general election, and that is why it is so important that he does not win the primary"
Image of Chris
"He's lost focus on moving the country forward."
Image of Kurt
"As long as the party supports Trump, we're gonna continue to lose elections."
Image of Wayne
"[Trump] is the only Republican candidate who Joe Biden could beat."
Image of Chuck
"Donald Trump has too much baggage."
Image of Kevin
"My main issue with Donald Trump is his personality and his attitude."
Image of Tamara
"I don't think he [Trump] would be a strong candidate to run in 2024 because I don't think he would have the following to win after everything that has happened"
Image of Patrick
"I definitely will not vote for President Trump in the primary."
Image of Ross
"Donald Trump has had his opportunity."
Image of Patrick
"We need to start looking at people who aren't well past retirement age."
Image of Andy
"There's so many negatives out there and such a large amount of people who simply can't stand him."
Image of Wes
"I do think in this upcoming election Trump has an electability problem because of the amount of baggage that has been connected to him"
Image of Greg
"The American people don't want a combative, adversarial candidate and that is what you have with Donald Trump."
Image of Patrick
"If we want an electable candidate, we've got to go with a different nominee...It is critical the GOP moves on from Trump"
Image of Aaron
"I totally think Donald Trump has an electability problem when looking at Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin...he is even running behind Biden in a lot of those key states."
Image of Dave
"The reason I won't support President Trump's reelection in 2024 goes back to his character."
Image of Tim
"We need a forward-thinking Republican candidate in order to win 2024."
Image of Michael
"Former President Donald Trump has too much baggage... it's so toxic."
Image of Stephen
"Donald Trump is not the answer."
Image of Natalie
"He's [Trump] got too many issues that are tagging onto him."
Image of Jason
"I don't think Donald Trump would stand a chance right now, running against Joe Biden."
Image of Lloyd
"I am not going to vote for him in the primary as long as there are other candidates."
Image of Jim
"I think the Republican party needs to move on from Trump... the reality is we have better, younger candidates."
Image of Glenn
"He's an embarrassment, and should not be representing us as the leader of the United States."
Image of Chris
I believe Donald Trump carries too much baggage - both personally, politically, and even amongst his own business dealings"
Image of Dean
"There needs to be somebody who unites people."
Image of Terry
"He is divisive...He is not uniting the Republican Party"
Image of Fran
"With all the stuff that's happened with January 6th... it would be even more chaotic if he was to be President now."
Image of Joanna
"In the general election, Mr. Trump would be shot in the foot with the baggage he carries."
Image of George
"I just can't support him as the person to be our leader."
Image of Mike
"God knows we've got enough problems in our country, and we don't need more divisiveness."
Image of Judy
"I would like the party to consider other candidates."
Image of Aaron
"Right now the culture is very polarized, and I don't think Trump can win the national election."
Image of Mick
"We are tired of fighting each other, and President Trump is just gonna keep that happening"
Image of Christopher
"He is so hated, we'd probably have a repeat of 2020."
Image of Steve
"Trump will not be able to beat Biden."
Image of Steve
"Donald Trump has definitely alienated himself...all his current legal problems, he's just simply not electable at this point"
Image of Sandy
"I feel that we are a losing party now."
Image of Howard
"I just don't think that four more years of Trump is good for the country."
Image of Glenn
"In the general election, I don't see him winning."
Image of Steve
"The Republican Party needs to refocus itself dramatically"
Image of John
"We do need a younger leader who can unify the party much better."
Image of Jim
"I don't think Donald Trump has a chance of winning the election in 2024."
Image of Zach
"I voted for Trump in 2016 & 2020, and I'm hoping to not have to vote for him in 2024."
Image of Lee
"Trump is not presidential at all"
Image of Richard
"Donald Trump does have an electability issue."
Image of Tom
"Trump has to be stopped in the primary."
Image of Patrick
"We are looking for someone who doesn't tear down, but someone who builds up."
Image of Dennis
"If Trump is the nominee, he will bring more baggage to the table."
Image of Darby
"The investigations are going to hinder him, especially amongst the independent swing voters"
Image of Steve
"The fact he's got an indictment hanging over his head is gonna be a problem."
Image of Dyan
"He is too divisive, I don't think he can get the middle-of-the-road Republicans or Independents"
Image of Kathy
"Our country cannot take this division, and [Trump] is an extremely divisive personality"
Image of Mike
"Donald Trump has too much baggage, I think that it would not be reasonable to discard everything that he's been accused of."
Image of Jake
"We need to focus on the future, we are not going back to 2020."
Image of Lu
"Trump's overall persona is not something that I can support any longer."
Image of Joette
"We need an honest man as President, and American voters deserve better choices."
Image of Garry
"The country will be more divided with Donald Trump as President."
Image of Alexei
"I'm not going to support President Trump for nomination."
Image of Brenda
"I am worried that if Trump gets in again, we would just be divided again"
Image of Larry
"He [Trump] is a polarizing person, and I just don't like the way he conducts himself"
Image of Edmund
"Donald Trump is most definitely focused on the past. He's still mad that he lost the 2020 election."

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